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Our Commitment

Places and faces of Nepal is for future generations around the world.  It consist of different programs that aims to explore, learn and enjoy. It is committed for building capacity, skills, knowledge and choices within communities, sharing eco-friendly methods within communities and sharing it around the world for sustainable development in field of tourism and environment. We collaborate with communities and support communities. We focus on local, traditional an indigenous knowledge and engage community and students for knowledge and skills to enhancement for sustainability in tourism and environmental awareness for the benefit of present and future generations.

Our programs engage with tourism, environment, social and economic issues with local community and its knowledge. We also provide volunteer opportunities in different programs of TUDE and help in organizing any expedition, research and simple trip to Nepal.

TUDE, along with running programs (focused on places and faces of Nepal) also aims to establish an ecofriendly village and helping the growing sector of ‘ecotourism’ in long run. We seek different collaborative actions from different people and agency to fulfill this aim.

The geographic boundary of Nepal starts in the south at 70m above sea level in Kanchan Kalan and within a breadth of 200 km ends in the north – as high as 8848m at Mt. Everest, the highest point on Earth. Such dramatic difference in elevation makes Nepal a biodiversity hotspot and also an ethnic melting pot in the region as In Nepal 102 different ethnic groups reside in theses valleys, mid hill, low land, Mountains making it ethnic melting pot in the region.

Our Program

  1. Summer and winter schools
  2. Learning while travelling
  3. Treks & Expeditions
  4. Pioneering research, Field site/ work for higher education research (M.Sc and PhD dissertations or other fieldwork)
  5. Training, workshops, conferences and seminars
  6. Volunteering in TUDE programs.
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