Trip Planning

Trip Planning

Trip Planning


Should you need to modify this trip, please email us to let us know: PERSONALIZE IT

The details listed above serve as a guide and a sample itinerary for the services we provide. Upon your request, every trip can be altered to meet your unique needs. All year long, private tour departures are available on any day.

This is aside from our regular programs, We plan your Nepal journey within your budget plan within your time frame. We know In short vacations we wish we could do those different activities Nepal is famous for. We plan with you different activities to carry out, we map out possible travel plans for you to maximize your journey. 

 your adventure, your solitude, happiness, and inspiration.

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In 2013 Faces of Nepal is established to promote Nepal as an educational, outdoor learning, research, spiritual, personal and family tours. Nepal will fascinate you! Make Nepal your learning destination. You will feel at Peace, Recharged, and Wise boarding your Flight Home.