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What should I bring with me to Nepal?

Generally, seasons around the world are divided into four; spring, summer, fall, and winter. In Nepal, there are the following six distinct seasons: These seasons are unique and bear different experiences while you explore Nepal. This also means you have to pack differently for each season as well as within the same season when traveling to different topographies.

  1. Basanta Ritu (Spring), mid-March to mid-May
  2. Grishma Ritu (Early Summer) (mid-May to mid-July)
  3. Barkha Ritu (Summer Monsoon) (mid-July to mid-September)
  4. Sharad Ritu (Early Autumn) (mid-September to mid-November)
  5. Hemanta Ritu (late autumn) (mid-November to mid-January)
  6. Shishir Ritu (winter). (mid-January to mid-March)

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