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Every year, we organize different learning programs and exploration journeys. You can join as an individual or with a group. These learning programs and exploration journeys provide the opportunity to not only explore different environments but also create an environment where people can learn from each other and plan and execute ideas with teamwork. With our learning programs and exploration journeys, we aim to create a community of travelers who aim to learn and develop skills, learn about different cultures and customs, document knowledge and practices to showcase and engage in further development.

These programs are for people who like to travel for knowledge, who love to explore beyond their comfort zones, and who could travel with a complete stranger yet develop lifelong friendships while sharing the joys of exploration and experience.

The final destination, the journey process, the companion and communities along the way, the acquired skills, and your ability to cope with change will help you towards future goals.

Come join our learning programs and exploration journeys.

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