Our Team

  • Pamfa  Dhamala

    Niraj Tamrakar

    CEO, Programs Management, research and promotion

    After 30 adventurous months in Australia, Niraj returned Nepal with the aim Explore Nepal and Explore Life as a Nepali he was asked some constant questions which he never had seen or learned about. 

    After landing back while studying Development Studies and a masters in Environment education and sustainable development Niraj traveled to a different part of Nepal to understand life, culture, nature, and development. Along with educational trips, Niraj and his friends traveled different trails to explore tourism.

    In 2006 Niraj cofounded Tourism Development Endeavors with a vision to inspire travel, education, and development aspiration. He teaches Sustainable Tourism Management and involved in environment and climate justice movement in Nepal.

    From 2011, Niraj is professionally involved in travel management.



  • Pamfa  Dhamala

    Namrata Thapa Magar

    Executive director, Research and program management

    Namrata competed her studies in Environment Sciences and Management with specific interest in sustainable and ecological tourism management. As a Adventure Tourism Management graduate Namrata represents new leadership who aims to put natural conservation over profit to make tourism outreaching and social development catalyst in Nepal.

  • Pamfa  Dhamala

    Sagar Sathpit

    Team leader, research and program management

    Sagar is multi langual team leader who is directly involved in travel and tours management from 2007.


In 2013 Faces of Nepal is established to promote Nepal as an educational, outdoor learning, research, spiritual, personal and family tours. Nepal will fascinate you! Make Nepal your learning destination. You will feel at Peace, Recharged, and Wise boarding your Flight Home.