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Diversity trails program is developed as in concept of Open University in nature with diverse community residing at different altitude. This program explores different part of Nepal to explore the surroundings, local environment and heritage, local indigenous knowledge, geography, culture and customs to understand how communities are living in harmony with nature. How indigenous knowledge helping communities to cope with changes, understand inter generation knowledge preservation and transformation. Our Each Diversity Trails Program follows norm of community knowledge and learning from communities through interactions and knowledge sharing developing lifelong network. Each trail will base on 4D approaches of Display, Discuss, Document and Disseminate in process of interaction.

Diversity trail runs through vertical from lower altitude to higher altitude, Diversity trail showcases both geographic and cultural diversity that Nepal is blessed with, from top of the world Mt Everest and Southern Plains where ‘Light of Asia’ Lord Buddha was born.  A land of peace and nature, Nepal provides opportunities of life time to understand and explore. The geographic boundary of Nepal starts from the southern flat plains in Terai to the sky piecing peaks of the Himalayas, in the south Kanchan Kalan is 70m above sea level and within a breadth of 200 km in the north at 8848 m Mt. Everest is the highest point in Earth. Such dramatic difference in elevation makes Nepal a biodiversity hotspot and also an ethnic melting pot in the region. Divided into 3 ecological zone Mountains, Mid-hills and Terai within the area of 147,181 square kilometers Nepal is home to 102 ethnic groups, speaking 92 languages and dialects making Nepal one the highly culturally diversified country in harmony  Buddhism and Hinduism major religion with all major religion

In the end of each Diversity Trail, the team will make a short film, a reflection story book, a photo journal on topic of interest.

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Impact and Benefits

  • Learn from experts in the field – farmers
  •  Visualizing community and ways of cultivation, conservation  in class room in nature
  • Learn and experience practices which had sustain and transferred generation after generation with actual practicnor
  • Interact with local stakeholders and entrepreneurs
  •  Helps in Promotion of this beautiful communities
  •  Supports  communities in income generating activities
  •  Supports communities to Document knowledge and highlights community’s needs and requirements.
  • Learning from the community helps in articulation and understanding developing lifelong skill.

Summer and winter schools

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Learning while travelling

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Volunteering in TUDE programs.

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Treks & Expeditions

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