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Who we are

Faces of Nepal is a team of Researcher, Explorer, Travel manager and Travel guides. working in Nepal.

About us

Faces of Nepal is an effort to bring people of different faces of life together to experience people and places of Nepal, to stimulate tourism development and to inspire action

The concept of Places and Faces of Nepal started in 2007 with the vision to promote culture, nature and biodiversity of Nepal through photo exhibitions and different outdoor learning programs through web page among Nepalese and foreigners as individual project with Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE).

How we started

Over the years we’ve made numerous journeys across Nepal to explore, document and to understand different part of Nepal, culture and environment. Every year and year after our foot print took across a unique variation of topography, biodiversity, beautiful surrounding, people and culture. From East to West, South to North, from southern lowland Terai (70-300 m) to tree-line (4000 m) and snow line (5500 m) crossing over different beautiful Duns valleys, Mid hills, River system and people. These different journeys and subsequent interaction with nature and friendly people, we started making these routes as programs as learning steps to promote Nepal, to show beauty of nature and to explore different environment and practices. This website consist routes and programs to choose from. All the programs are in this website are in line with WE SAW, WE WROTE, and WE PROMOTE.

All the trails are especially designed fun journey to explore Nepal, to interact knowledge, to explore geography, culture and customs of local and surrounding environment in one of the diverse country in world. Our trail highlights both geographic and cultural diversity that Nepal is blessed with.

Our Commitment

We are committed in promoting sustainable, ethical and decentralized tourism in Nepal through research, exploration, documentation and promotion. We focus on alternative models and approaches of tourism and travel to achieve Sustainable development that provides communities with means to enhance and diversify their livelihood opportunities via conserving environment, revitalizing cultures and promoting inter- cultural peace and understanding.

 How we work

We work with Travel management experts, local organizations, individuals and communities in management of different outdoor learning, research and knowledge journey in different part of Nepal. This is our effort to show different aspect of Nepal while you visit. Our routes and programs are well explored before promotion. These routes and programs are full of entertainment and are in harmony with nature.

Our Vision

We operate as public partnership model; all our trips are environment conservation as focus, part of profit generated will be invested in supporting Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE) in Sustainable tourism and environment education.

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